Intuitive  Expression Circles

The New Earth is made of intuitive expression.
Making love to the moment

New earth is now. It's a way of perceiving, it's a frequency we can tune into.


These circles are an exploration, an invitation to learn how to read the sheet music of the present moment, to dance the choreography of the now.

You will experience:

        - Somatic meditation

        - Meeting with the light within

        - Shadow alchemy

        - Channel an intuitive expression

        - Celebration and integration

This is for humans who desire to live on a higher frequency, in confidence, power and bliss.

Ascending starts with embodying deeper...

In this space, you will be guided into your inner confidence, into your self trust. It's deep work, as it requires facing one's fears of being seen and heard. But I will be there to guide you.


This is an invitation into the embodiment of the Grace you are.



date TBD

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My work is to raise my vibration each day, so that I may be a clear channel for the codes of Oneness, and shine them onto the world in every moment.


In private or group sessions, I simply allow for what needs to come through to come through. I activate your inner codes, and anything can happen from there. We are led by divine intuition, and I listen.