Oracle Sessions

Receive a 30min group message from the Akashas in virtual gathering.


The Akashas are the data stored in the quantum field, the invisible world. It is not in space or time, it contains all that has been, all that could be, and all that is. 

Each of us have specific Akashic Records that store all the data involving our life since the beginning of our existence.

Connecting to the Akashic Records is setting the intention to see a current situation or addressing a question from the highest perspective possible, from Oneness.


I will connect to the specific Akashic Records of the group (including those who will watch the replay - there is no time), and give you the insights I receive to support your growth, for the bliss of all. I will tune into your auric field and allow for the messages you are meant to hear in that moment to flow through me.

FREE - 30 min

Every Monday @8pm Paris / 11am LA