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Service Description

#English Please read description of 1:1 sessions if you desire more info! Why me? I was born into a scientific world made of rational proofs, categorizations, and have to's. In college I studied mathematics, physics at a very high level, learned 7 Languages and then learned architecture. I then became a Film and Theatre actress and singer. But I never seemed to find my place anywhere, constantly trying to be perfect at everything thinking it would ensure my lovability, while not feeling truly safe anywhere, especially in my own body. A few years ago, I understood the rigidity couldn’t hold it all together anymore, and my truth started bursting out. I discovered my extraordinary powers, my hypersensitivity but also my sensitivity to many things that are beyond the spectrum of what we access with our 5 senses. My transformation has been a very dark night of mental spiraling and diving into the fractal depths of human thinking. I went through very painful thoughts and the feeling of being completely lost and useless. I was merely burning off layers of non-truths I had needed to put on to survive this dense world. The entire planet is now raising its vibration, and so it is not necessary to keep those layers on anymore. That is what is happening on a global scale, a massive dark night of layer shedding. It is painful, but it is all going in divine direction, and I am here to guide you through it, precisely because I have been there, deeply. In truth there is no time, and we are just accessing a new frequency where everything can be lived in love and harmony. I healed thanks to many different modalities, and by being in the same container together, I transmit them all to you. Overall I will guide you into your embodiment. My life has completely changed and I am now in constant connection with the quantum field, receiving and integrating subtle information continuously. When I choose to connect with a specific intention, I then share information through words, and/or sounds, to the right people at the right time. Not everyone not all the time. Each of us has unique higher powers, and I may have keys for you to access yours or simply help you understand better who you are and what you need to know in this moment. This is all for you to remember how powerful you are, and that everything is within you. On the other side of this chrysalis is ecstatic bliss.

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Please let me know 24h in advance if you need to cancel!

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  • Paris, France