Quantum Chrysalis

Know thy bliss, and live it.

What ?

You hold the main role.

Discover the quantum miracle that you are.

Meet the bliss of being yourself, here and now.


8 lives coming up


Each week: "à la carte"

1h Live + Q & A (zoom)

1h30 Workshop (zoom / Paris)


Week 1 Find your Voice - Lila - intuitive expression & light language

Week 2 Cellular Memory and Somatic Experience - getting into the body

Week 3 Duality - Alchemy - wild divinity

Week 4 All is One - Universal Quantum Laws, mirror effect - Rewrite your beliefs

Week 5 Power of Now - Introduction to Meditation & Alexander Technique applied to life

Week 6 Illuminate shadow - shadow integration practice

Week 7 Human Design - Questions and Answers

Week 8 Healing Voice - harmonic circle

Who is it for?

This is for you if it resonates (read my blog post explaining my Why for creating this course) and your inner guidance says it’s the right timing for you.

It is a course about understanding the fundamentals of living the bliss you were conceived to live in and as.

It speaks to the intellect and it invites embodiment (without which nothing shifts).

It will set you on your unique and empowered journey into the new quantum paradigm.


Why me ?

I grew up traveling around the world, learning 7 languages, and receiving a science-based education.

I studied mathematics and physics at the highest level and obtained a double-degree in top engineering and architecture colleges of Europe.


Then, I completely transformed into an international film and musical theatre actress and singer, working with some of the most renowned artists in the world like Alan Menken, Michel Legrand, Roman Polanski and Tony Kaye, to name a few. 

Later, as I transformed and liberated myself from who I "thought I should" be, my art also transformed. I now act, sing, dance, write, produce and channel transmissions in the form of words and melodies. I bridge the gap between the humans who need proof and the ones who are proof, combining my talents, my knowledge of quantum physics, my ability to explain very clearly, and my transformational gifts to create a new paradigm of bliss for all.

I have no degree in this domain, but what I do have is the tears and smiles of the many humans who finally understood something that had been in their way for years, thanks to our conversations.