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Harmony Healing Circles

Receive the song of your soul channeled in the moment just for you.

And experience the power of harmonizing with others.


In a Harmony Healing Circles, 


I tune into your auric field and allow for the messages you are meant to hear in that moment to flow through me. I sing or speak them to you, for just a few minutes, while you're witnessed by the other people present in the circle.

These coded messages may contain words or simply sounds, or light language. The sounds you will hear are specifically for you. They are deeply healing, beyond what the mind might understand. Your bodies will understand.

​Then, we will tune into each of our voices and harmonize together to raise our frequency through the power of sound. 

My intention in this offering is to share deep harmonic codes of activation for all your bodies. You will be receiving healing messages, from your own soul to you, through me and all. Whether you are aware of it or not, they will be received exactly as they need to be. That is the pure magic of Vocal Alchemy.

1h30 - €28 - Paris
Next circle is : TBD

My work is to raise my vibration each day, so that I may be a clear channel for the codes of Oneness, and shine them onto the world in every moment.


In private or group sessions, I simply allow for what needs to come through to come through. I activate your inner codes, and anything can happen from there. We are led by divine intuition, and I listen.