Intuitive Singing Private Lessons

Learn to trust yourself and experience the bliss of liberating your voice.

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You may not be aware – like I wasn’t in the beginning of this magical initiation – but your fear to free your voice is not mere worry of imperfection, it’s the remnant of an ancestral mechanism of survival.


We are the children of those who somehow stayed silent in order to survive. And those mechanisms were transmitted generationally in all sorts of ways. By liberating our voices now, we affirm that our ancestors did not survive in vain.


New earth is not a place or a time, it’s a frequency, it’s a decision to live and freely express the depths of our complex beingness in total safety. Safety is a decision that starts within. That’s why You have the power to create blissful harmony on earth.


So excited to dive in with you!

In these lessons I offer a safe container - a Chrysalis - where you can transform and learn to freely express your voice, as we explore:

⚘ Intention setting for the chrysalis

⚘ Meditative breathing exercises

⚘ My vocal techniques (I have a 10 year career as a professional singer in Musical Theatre and Film)

⚘ Transmutation of blockages that hinder your full expression and primal expression exploration

⚘ Discovering your own voice and your own light language

⚘ Harmonization and improvised expression games


During our session I also offer you a vocal alchemy healing if you wish to receive one.

1 hour : €70
Paris (Studio Bleu)

This is not an ordinary singing lesson. It is a journey to the heart of your auric memories, it may be that we touch on deep and vulnerable wounds. Only by doing this can one find the courage to sing with one's true, liberated voice.

Our real voices were silent for centuries, then they were often only expressed through rigid techniques.

I offer you a safe space, where you get rid of all that and where you can discover the immense pleasure of vibrating at your own frequency. Each voice is unique: it is the resonance of the soul, an imprint that belongs only to you. When you sing freely, you heal yourself (and others), literally.

It is with pleasure that I invite you into your chrysalis of alchemy in order to transform the fears that remain within you into power.

My vocal story and my Why...

I believed for a long time that my voice was only a tool to learn to imitate or to produce beautiful sounds in a certain way, according to a certain technique, so that it corresponds to what one expected of it according to the type of song or kind of show I was performing.

I kept hearing "find your voice" but I didn't understand what it meant.


Until one day I realized that I couldn't allow myself to freely sing from the depths of who I really am because I was too ashamed of it. And I hadn't even realized it. It had remained in the shadows.

It is in Los Angeles that, at gatherings of friends who were passionate about the liberation of expression in all ways, I was invited to sing with my real voice. For me, it was Hebrew songs (my ancestors), but also songs of the depths of the earth and galactic songs from the Angels.

Little by little I let it blossom, and it flourished more and more each time. My life has now become totally devoted to slowly undoing the generational chains that once kept my voice, and my expression in general, contained to perfectionism, to "shoulds" and “shouldn’ts”, and to now fully in-joy the magic of what is already there as it is!

But the road is windy and sometimes very dark, I had to face my worst fears to get there. And you can do it too. In fact, this is precisely how the whole world will transform for the bliss of all. That’s my why: I’m offering you a space to do it, I’m there to guide you to what your body and voice already know.